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About Us

Vital Edge Solutions, Inc solves mission-critical IT challenges for our government and commercial customers. Our firm is focused on providing the right teams to accomplish your goals, while maintaining a cost-effective and rapid delivery methodology. Our technical capabilities are strengthened by our commitment to responsiveness, clarity, and innovation. Whether a customer is starting from scratch or modifying existing systems, we take a big-picture view of your business and IT infrastructure requirements, then zero in on the best way to meet goals

Meet The Team


Lisa Croll

Ensures that Vital Edge Solutions always delivers on its promise to customers. As CEO, she leads the company in pursuit of its vision and mission, while developing business relationships with clients and forging teaming relationships with government contracting firms.

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David Lieberman

David Lieberman founded Vital Edge Solutions, Inc. to create a best-in-class IT service organization for government entities and private companies. As COO, he focuses on the day to day operations of VES, contract performance and finance. 

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Brett Pfeffer

Brett Pfeffer is a talented business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth.

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