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David Lieberman

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

David Lieberman founded Vital Edge Solutions, Inc. to create a best-in-class IT service organization for government entities and private companies. Building on the most successful aspects of his career in the public and private sectors, Vital Edge reflects David’s natural integrity, openness, and professionalism, along with the standards of organizational excellence learned through experience. David’s career has touched all aspects of project management, systems integration, and the software development lifecycle for governmental and commercial organizations including Serco, SI International, the U.S. Department of State, and Time Warner.

David’s key contributions at Vital Edge has included close partnerships and successful contract delivery with Department of Veteran Affairs, NOAA, Department of State, Department of Justice, Millennium Challenge Corporation and NIH.

David was awarded the Serco North American Pulse Award and the Serco Global Pulse award. He was chosen to be one of 30 recipients out of 100,000 employees.

David received his BA from Hofstra University in New York, and has broadened and strengthened his skills through CMMI, ITIL, PMP, business ethics and compliance training along with hands-on experience.

David Lieberman
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